The International Workshops on Low Temperature Detectors are held every two years and provide an International Forum for assessing the status of the knowledge, developments and applications of cryogenic radiation and particle detectors.

The rapid technical developments of the last years and the outstanding features make these detectors very attractive in a variety of fields from basic to applied sciences. Therefore, one of the aims of this workshop is to bring together detector's scientists and researchers from various fields in order to outline the future areas of usage.

Dark Matter searches, precise measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background,
X-ray Astronomy and many aspects of the Neutrino Physics are the main hot topics in which the cryogenic detectors are playing or can play a significant role in the near future.

Latest developments open new perspectives in the Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDXRS) as an analysis tool with Microbeams and in several Spectroscopic Methods at the Synchrotron Radiation. Applications to Microcrystalline Structural Analysis by means of the Beta Decay Fine Structure (BEFS), Biomolecular Mass and Structural Analysis, Biomedics, Archaeometrics, Environment and Industry are under study.

The topics include: