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1ST day of the Congress - 07 July 2003

In the morning we will visit the Santo Agostino Museum.
It was once a monastery, and now it is the home of many important sculptures and architectural elements from several ancient stately homes of the nobles Genoese families.
The afternoon will be spent in workshops where we will learn what materials and how they were used, to build many of the medieval homes in the historic centre.
We will then visit the main medieval mansions of the historic centre.

2nd day of the Congress - 08 July 2003
Today we will visit the Acquarium of Genoa, a great marine park. We will then explore the surrounding area of the historic port, an attractive marine quarter for leisure hours and culture.
We will take a trip on the ferry within the harbour and we will visit the "Bigo", a derrick-like panormanic sightseeing lift which rises above the city roofs to show Genoa from the sea.

3rd day of the Congress - 10 July 2003
In the morning we will visit Via Garibaldi, the noblest of Genoa's street, to discover the elegant palaces and mansions, built during the Renaissance period.
In the afternoon we will visit Palazzo Spinola Pellicceria, a beautiful noble mansion, with an architectonic richness that remains intact.
We will end the afternoon in a workshop to learn about the hosiery and materials used at the time of The Renaissance.

4th day of the Congress - 11 July 2003
A day dedicated to science and to the discovery of "The City of Children". Set in the harbour, it is a laboratory with games, itinerary and activities, created specifically for children.

On request, it will be possible to book a daily Baby Sitting Service, at the daily rate of 60,00 Euro (Maximum of 3 children per group).




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