General Information

The proceedings will be published as a special issue of  Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A (NIMA).  The volume will be hard bound and will ship to all participants within 5-6 months of the time we submit the the accepted papers (hopefully this will be shortly after the workshop). Due to the large number of submissions this year we need everyone's cooperation to make this process go smoothly. Please follow the NIMA submissions guidelines given below closely since we do not have the manpower to reprocess anyone's submission.

Manuscript Instructions for the Conference Referee Review
and Final Submission.

  • Critical informations

  1. Manuscripts for the referee review are due on or before the first day of the conference (Monday, July 7) at 9:30 A.M.
  2. Page limits are three (3) pages for contributed and four (4) pages for invited papers. Papers over the maximum page limit will be rejected as the proceedings volume cannot be extended.
  3. To count the pages of your manuscript you must use  a layout and a font size very similar to the NIMA. Therefore we strogly suggest to use the templates indicated below.
  4. NIMA-Elsevier templates for MS Word or LaTeX (see below) must be used for all submissions. The  processing of contributions in any other form is very difficult and time consuming. The Local Organizing Committe can decide to not accept the paper.
  5. Please submit three (3)  paper copies of your manuscript for the review process.
  6. Also please submit your contribution in electronic form using one of the following formats:
    - CD-ROM (PC format)
    - Floppy disk (PC format)
  7. The file name must be  "surname_name_XYY" where XYY is the paper code assigned.
  8. All contributions will be reviewed during the conference (hopefully) by 2 referees prior to acceptance into the proceedings.
  9. The acceptance will be communicate to the author at the end of the Conference (hopeully) or later
  10. The proceedings will NOT include color pages. 
  11. The accepted papers in the final version are due  on or before  Monday, September 1st

  • Format of the papers

You must use the NIMA-Elsevier templates for Microsoft Word or for LaTeX to format your submission and to count your pages. You cannot use standard A4 or 8.5x11" format to count your pages. Here are the instructions for formatting your submission:

The general instructions for the preparation of the papers can be found in the Elsevier website http://authors.elsevier.com/
Please chose the following steps:

Physics and Astronomy


Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipments

Preparing Proceedings articles with LaTeX

The information for the authors preparing the manuscript  for LTD-10 Conference Proceedings, with LaTeX are provided  in "LaTeX file guidelines" .  You find  it  clicking the following page

Guide to publishing with Elsevier

and selecting first "guide to publishing with Elsevier" in the bottom-left menu and second "LateX file guidelines"  in the right menu.
We strongly suggest to use the class file
that  can be found  at 

This class files print the article in the layout very similar to final format of NIMA. Because this class files are based upon elsart.cls, you also need the document class elsart.cls. The guidelines and the template files are the same as for elsart.cls. The documantation file can be found at


Preparing Proceedings articles with  MS Word

A Template for the authors preparing the manuscript  for LTD-10 Conference Proceedings in MS Word can be download from our site. The following file is a word .dot document template. You must use the "save link as" or "save target as" feature of your browser to download the file.

Template for Internet Explorer

This file will not be available for Netscape users.
We can send you the template by email, just write to ltd-10@ge.infn.it with the subject "Template"

If you have difficulty please do not hesitate to contact us ltd-10@ge.infn.it